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Imperative Sunshine

Bright and tangy with hints of tomatillos and lime effervescent our most accessible flavor complements everything our mildest sauce

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Dragon Sauce

Carrot and habanero flavors predominate with Ginger and fruit notes initial sweetness gives way to lingering heat Watch out our spiciest sauce

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Rooster Sauce

Timeless classic red pepper profile with robust body and feel.  Moderate Heat

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Deep Leonard

Smoky and sublimely rich tasting luxurious mouth feel complex and fruity and sweet notes and moderate heat

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Chocolate Jesus

Rapturously delicious more New Testament than old Smokey and sweet with a hint of chocolate and fruit moderate heat.

Our Happy Pepper Farm

You won’t find any conventional chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms here…just damn good peppers and veggies!

Our peppers are raised from seed on a 30 acre family farm certified organic by Oregon TILTH and the USDA.

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Our Process

Plant. Harvest. Ferment.

These sauces derive their naturally acidic flavor profile from a full year of barrel fermentation. Absolutely no vinegar stabilizers or adulterents are added to our products.

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