Our Process

Nurture the Nature

We start by planting the best peppers and chilis into the best soil on earth.  Our farm in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley is like an all-inclusive resort for our pretty peppers and they soak up our high desert sun.  Using best practices, our farm keeps the soil fresh and the peppers flourishing.

Ferment and Forget

After our harvest we brine the peppers in small craft batches with our secret seasonings.  We cry ourselves softly to sleep as we know that our beloved peppers will be a full year older by the time they are ready for our epic hot sauces.  They just grow up so fast. 

Bottle Rock’it

Once the peppers are perfect, we make the magic happen.  We stir and we stir until our potent potions are finally ready for the meet the world.  We bottle in glass because plastic is dumb and you and our peppers deserve the best!    

Pics of the Process

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